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Empowering You to Heal Yourself and Your World

The Wisdom of the Mother Tree

  The Mother Tree is a foundational presence in the forest. Her roots and her limbs form a world that depends on her vitality and strength. She grows strong by partaking of the soil, the air and the sun. She meets her own need then shares the bounty to nourish and protect the seedlings at her feet.  She not only nurtures her own, but provides shelter and sustenance to any creature that finds its way into her arms or partakes of her fruits. 

The Mother Tree illustrates the essential nature of self care. Her world, our world, thrives only because she does.  

Likewise, we each have families, communities and dreams that depend on us being at our best.  The purpose of The Mother Tree Massage and Wellness is to provide you with services and tools to support you to stand tall as the Mother Tree in your world.